Thursday, March 3, 2011

TALK : Happy And Laugh

i smile everyday to everyone i see in fact of to make them happy every seconds they were with me. with me in case of as friends or anyone that can use their eyes and see me everywhere. i love to make love with them. ouch,  what a statement! hahaha not to make love just like THAT ok! u have some naughty thinking yeah. haha just jokes. yup! i like to make everyone happy. their smile even i dont know them can make me feel happy too. i am a good 'stalker' when we said about 'sekodeng'. hahahaha broken grammar. i dont care at all. haha

ok, we talk about smile and laugh. it is a good medicine when we are in bad condition. i mean at heart. haha when we sad or feel lonely, anything that can make we laugh is like our hero right? yeah, many people start the step of love with that situation. u're sad, and someone come and make you smile. eventhough that man or woman are not your taste in love context, it possible for you to fell love to them! because just like i state right now,

" Someone that can make u laugh when you feel world is hell is A HERO! "

haha, it is true right?

ok, it may not your lover or whatever, but someone that come and can make u laugh always be your best friend right?


this is just some blabbering about HAPPY.
i think i will talk about it more after this!!

wait ya!!

need a girlfriends. why must  's' ?

" Love To Laugh To Make You Happy. thats all "


fairuz said...

ahh ngarut malam2 mmg sedap. hahah

Simpleblanklife said...

hahaha biasalah kan....waktu imaginasi tinggi tuh! hahahaha

aimi shahida said...

laugh as much as u can breathe :)

Simpleblanklife said...

haha yup aimi! best kan ketawa! dari layan sedih je, baik kita senyum, terima semua apa dugaan yg ada. bersabarlah...~ :P