Friday, March 4, 2011

Love The Earth as we Should

Where is the love?

5.45 a.m in Malaysia now. i still can't sleep.
i just want to ask you, is LOVE is relevant for the world nowadays?
ah, i think we are never think about that. we don't even care about our world. we do make pollution everyday. in zahir and batin. hmm....the last age right? that is an excuse by the people who doesn't have LOVE in their heart. for me, even tomorrow is the last day of the world, we should do everything that can give happiness to heir of tomorrow. Ah, the end of the world is Qiamah, and that is not our job to decide it. we are just a salve under HIS name and what we must do is try our best to take care the earth as Khalifah in this world.

Islam teach to love everything in this world. peace is on our heart. why should we destroy it right? :)

my advice, just do what you should do, and always remember what are our JOB in this world. is it to care of it or destroy it.
i know you are much better than me right?  :D

i am not a good person, i'm not a professor or whatever. but i'm just a small creature in this unbelievable world and i will try my best to keep try to make this world still in peace. i will give my LOVE to the earth of me, you and them. hahaha broken english right?

just comment if you want to correct me in my way of writing. i'm sure i will appreciate all the comments gives.


pha is said...

dan tuntutlah dengan harta kekayaan yang dikurniakan Allah kepadamu akan pahala dan kebahagian hari akhirat dan janganlah engkau melupakan bahagianmu ( keperluan dan bekalanmu ) dari dunia; dan berbuat baiklah (kepada hamba-hamba Allah) sebagaimana Allah berbuat baik kepadamu ( dengan pemberian ni’matNya yang melimpah-limpah); dan janganlah engkau melakukan kerosakan di muka bumi; sesungguhnya Allah tidak suka kepada orang-orang yang berbuat kerosakan.
(Ayat 77, Surah al Qasas)


Simpleblanklife said...


sayangilah dunia ini dan segala isinya....:D