Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love ISLAM ( i believe in ISLAM )

this world is cool enough. i can feel, i can touch, i can hear, i can speak, i can think, i can breathe, wow! so many things i can do since the first time i cry when come out from my mother. hahaha. it's too great is it? i know u feel that too. when i try to calculate everything that been given to me from that day to now, it is too impossible to make a list of them. this is the power of our creator. no doubt about it ok.

i walk adventurously till now and i learn new things everyday. the full knowledge is unbeaten by anyone. we just can learn only a little than the real perfect knowledge. we are weak! remember that. we are just an ego slave that only know how to speak, but nothing at all.

what are the best part of this world? 
i am very sure that one of the best part is ISLAM. Islam teach everything we should do and who we should be. the FURQAN tell everythings. it is perfect and no mistake. Qalam ALLAH is perfect. you should believe it. i know i'm not a good man to tell this, but this is the truth! if you don't believe it, just make a research about AL -QURAN. i'm very sure you will know how pure the ISLAM is. the truth is ISLAM. i believe it.

ISLAM is not terrorist!! you're really evil if you just judge it like America. ISLAM is about peace. There is no   terrorism in ISLAM. look at the Malaysia, even we are not fully Islamic country, we try everyday to absorb the Islamic way of life on our life. it look easy but for the country that yesterday is the BRITISH district, the dream of being Islamic country is look like impossible. yeah, the corruption also got in there. that is the biggest obstacle. ah, forget about it, but i want you all to know that there is many more people that still move to make "da'wah" everyday. they smile, they are kind, they are an idol for me. the real ISLAM is a people who love PEACE at all. no terrorism in their heart because Islam tell all about kindness and peace.

what u choose as your way of life?

if you open your eyes, you will see the reason to make Islam as your way of life. Islam is PERFECT. believe me........... :)

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