Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Love You. Take Care of My eyes Baby

i've just remember one sad story that i've read before this. it is just an ordinary story but i think i want to share it here. haha. i share it with the ways of ME ok!! :P

    " Honey, do you love me? "
"Yes, I do honey. I love u so much "

"But, i'm blind!"
    " i dont care. i will love you till death do us apart. "

that blind girl always say that she is fed up with that kind of life. she want to see again! she want to see her Boyfriend! her boyfriend just smile and try to make the day calm again. He talked to his girlfriend, and try to make her smile and feel perfect everyday.

one day, a big shout appears. " Honey!! I've found an eye donor!! ".
she's stunned. yes, her mind are going out like wind. she smile but tears still coming out 'loud'. haha it the best day ever in her life..

the operations are done.

" finally, i can see again! " she said. okay, the first thing she want to do is to see her boyfriend. " i want to know how my love doing now, how he look likes. it will be great!!


"u're blind too before this? just like me?" the girl asked.
" yup, i'm also blind. and i love you. i dont ever need my eyes. i just need my heart to keep loving you. i know i'm blind but i know i can love you as much as you need. " say the guy.
" i know, but you're blind too! i fed up with my blindness and you're blind? ouch, how i want to survive? who want to take care of me? " " yes, u can, but do you know how far i hate BLIND? it is like hell! nothing to see. only touch. yuckksss! it is too ugly for me. "

her BF only smile. he never think that the one he love is going egoism like this. he never plan to be like this. he just smile with the heart beating like killing himself.
yeah, in someday, the girl is more like hell than blindness. she got new BF, and that blind man smiles with no tears.


yeah, she got a letter on one day. she open it and it is from the blinded man that love her deeply yeah.
the letter is too simple. but it gives an earthquake feeling.

    " I will always love you. take care of my eyes baby. "


Anonymous said...

motif?haha..jgn mare!:)

Simpleblanklife said...

hahahaha xde keje nak mara! ala, xde pape motif...aku saja tulis. hahahaha :P

nama pun da bosan kan..sabo jela kan! hahaha

mardeyna said...

nak nangis boleh..?hahaha..okay..guaru je..lalalala..