Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Way It Called LOVE

LOVE comes in many aspects in our 'life community'. We should appreciate everything or whoever that show his love to us. even to animals, mp3 or whatever. mp3? yes! we should appreciate it! they love us! they play music to us with their small soul! haha. whatever~ (girly voice)

Today, when it called LOVE, we should think about romantic LOVERS that walk VERY slow beside the beach or shopping complex. too slow for me to tell. they don't even know how people feel about them. especially the older. disgusting feeling may increase when the LOVERS start to 'MENGGEDIK' between them and it would be an angry if we saw some kissing part. hahaha. this is reality. the YOUTH LOVERS is at their own world. when it be a dating, they are at their own level in this world. they can't feel the others, see the others and they only see between them. yes, the LUCIFER laugh at they. haha

For me, love is too subjective to say. I am a weak person. never appreciate anyone love. but i have a reason for that. I try my best to be a good friendsssss to you. i try my best. believe me. but i know, my weakness has growling your heart and make you can't to say hello to me again. i'm so sorry. i'm suck with LOVE. somebody, help me please. haha just jokes.

my advice is, appreciating the others is too important. please take care the heart of the others and be the best in everything. i know u're better than me that only know blabbering here without anything. i'm sorry for the weakness of this ENTRY. hu3
I AM JUST A KAMPUNG BOY that try to improve my english.
Forgive Me ya!

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