Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Musika

Music on Monday.

    Yup, Malaysian also can create great music compare to the others. we still got some talent but DON'T have a platform to achieve the listeners heart. the best thing is in last 2 and 3 years ago, we can see the indie band and artist have create their own atmosphere in music by place their ass in the mainstream music in Malaysia. That is a good news for me and us. :D

    today, I want to give some link of indie song that i think have their own style and sometimes unique. i love all this song. just want to share to you'll.

    1st for today is from

*the electro indie band. haha COOL. only that i can say. try to listen ok!! :)

2nd is from

*brit rock band that still new in malaysia market. haha .but have a good music in their song. but maybe not all can listen to their music because it is too different from malaysian taste. :)

3rd is from

*pop retro genre music. cool music. relax your mind. easy to listen. :)


* one more from nota muzika that i classifed it as great for them. i love the IRAMA (rythm) of the song. 

5th and last for today!

* hahaha this is the great of today! i love this song. i love her voice! he3

ok, this is for today. i will try to expose more in malaysia music that we never heard maybe. let the art of music in malaysia will have the large scale of fans of the malaysian. please support our local band. they have good and great talent too. we must keep believe in them!!

jika anda ada suggestion dalam apa sahaja berkenaan muzik malaysia, katakannya! berikan lagu yang mungkin boleh saya dengar dan saya akan amat menghargainya!! :)

salam sayang dari saya, HAIKAL.

Salam 1 Malaysia dari saya. :)


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