Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Muzika

i just got 3 more cool song from OUR ARTIST. just listening them and i should say it is awesome! they had their talent. believe me. 

First, an 'English' band  from Kajang, Selangor..AN HONEST MISTAKE. just click at them to know more about them. no need for me to say everything right? HA HA. this Chinese teenagers got their strong stamina in their gig. that is their specialty yeah. 

The song that i listen just now is

energetic song. catchy and cool lyrics. haha i like it yeah....!!


haha this is not the best song from this band but i just listen to it. pretty 'JIWANG'! hahaha..
but it is ok and too catchy to heard offffff!! hahaha try it guys!

KALYSA - Pupus

this girl's voice is pretty cool. i swear! haha


one more song from KALYSA. haha it is the best song by this band (from my opinion) . i like the lyrics, rhythm and the voice too!  best song to you'll my friends! i dedicate it to you that read this post!!!

KALYSA - Senyum  

hahaha great to dedicate to anyone as BEST FRIENDS!! melancholic dramatic song!! hahaha

thats all for today. I hope U enjoy it YEAH!!


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