Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Friends is Best Buddies


yeah, it is hard to defined what and who is our best friends. For me, best friends is THEY who we put on our believe on them. what?? yes, i think that is best friends means. 

HOW can we find best friends?

yup, I really can't answer that question. We can found it anywhere ok. time will tell. i swear. YOU WILL FIND your best friends. but in one condition! you must be a good friends first to meet one good friend. it is like the NEWTON 3rd LAW of force. We make something, we got the same thing. it is immortal. no one can break that rules. i believe in that. hahaha.


yeah, it is hard to find a best friend. we can make thousands of friends, but there is too hard to took one as our best friend. it depends on you. i believe there are still people who we can believe. just we don't know who and where he/she is.He may look like a GORILLA or BINTURONG!! but you must think out of there! he has the kind hearted heart! He may had a bad background in fighting, gangsterism but he may has an HONEST friendship with you!!  take a depth breath and think with your heart. you will find it just behind your mind. cannot see? you have some ego there ok. 
you need more experiences on this HELL life. full with LIES. everything lies beneath you. crawling just standby to eat your head.

This is the beginning of your new life. Best friends is always smile and sad with you. 

just LAYAN this song ok!!


for u'll my frenzzzz!!! :D


hanisa sabrina said...

my best friend looks like gorilla .
okay .JOKES.haha :P

me as liana said...

bff means best friend forever.but i mean it like BIEBER FEVER i dun have to tink bout best friend anymore.enough with that.chill.:)

Simpleblanklife said...

hahahaha to hanisa, yeah, u got a point there ok!! hahaha just who is that? bonanza question....kah3

liana? ok, i know u mean that. hahaha coz u're so mean. kah3 yup, chill out urself ok! bieber is too cute to spook ok...hahaha

me as liana said...

luv ya!:D

Simpleblanklife said...

hahaha pasni cte hang tuah plak ye...:D