Thursday, February 24, 2011

I am Smoker. I Hate it

Disasterous Smoking habit.

yeah, as we all know, smoking is too bad for health. too far from healthy lifestyle. yup, nothing can we got from the smoker-side.


But, why i smoke everyday? i ask my whole body, why you let me smoke?

hand answered in hard voice, " not my fault ok! it because you're too stupid! nothing more than that! ". my heart stop beating. yes, i'm stunned for a second. 
i heard some cough. " because of you! it all your fault Haikal! i'm already sick with you! everyday is like hell! u're some sort of evil while you laughing when you smoke. you never care about me! do you want me to get some lung cancer? " . some sorrow kickin' my head. i think i know who talked just now.

* silent

i walk slowly to ma bed and sit. my head ringing some killing voices. Ultra - heavy brick block is like on my head. Am I too bad to my own body?? my palm walking slowly to my head. my eyes running down to the slab. yeah, i know i've made a mistake. i realize it.


i am bad right? i am just a delinquent student when i back the future yesterday in high school. yup, i started in smoking-ing activities in form 2. too early right. the day that i started it, it never wrong in smoking. it looks COOL for me. look like HERO in film. hell yeah, i am wrong absolutely.

how to stop smoking? everyone knows. yes, many people say it is easy as you try it.


only smokers know how it feels. i caught by that. it is drugs. yes, cigarettes is some kind of drugs. i'm addict by it. 

i just thinking again. HOW?

no one knows.

this is just an expression by my trueself. just help me if you can. i am too weak to walk in the right path again.

I AM A KILLER. Kill you by my hell smoke. I'm Sorry my friends. i can't help about it. even i really love u all. yes, i love u all....

(Mohamad Haikal )


Ifti Larina said...

kalo mkn ubat 'Niquetin' cm dlm iklan tv tu taley membantu ?

Simpleblanklife said...

haha boleh, sangat boleh...sbb nak abehkan sebijik, dalam 30-40 minit....haha memang xisap rokokla kalau gula - gula tu dalam mulut...tapi sebijik, RM 1.20....hahaha xde bujet lorh!