Monday, February 14, 2011

She Is Too Perfect

i took ma trousers off. i lay ma ass on ma bed. nothing special. i am dreaming of her. there is no one just like her. she is too beautiful to tell. i can't even say no to what she said. she is just an extraordinary person for me. she is perfect i guess. whenever i sad and feel suck in this world, she never mad or say i'm wrong. she encourage me every seconds she got. i love her.

the sweetest smile in this world that i've ever seen is from her. she always smile when seeing me. i know she really loves me too. i confirmed that. if i take my heart and slash it with that hand of yours, i will show you how much i love her. her name is beautifully chanting blinking in my heart. okay, I LOVE HER.

who that girl? no, no no... she is too abstract. too beautiful and full with mysteries. she can do anything to me but i will only smile. i know she love me even though she hit my head repeatedly. haha i know she wouldn't do that. i believe she also loves me with full of her heart.

Do you have any girls that love you so much? can you say if she is perfect to you? your GF? there's nothing about Girlfriends. you say you love your girlfriend or girlfriends everyday right? you're such a jerk. 
" I LOVE YOU ********"

yeah, it is normal. it is too basic for all of lovers. you forgot something. something more important.
What?Who? Where? you're asking me? let the hell tell ya.

i ask you, do you love your MOM?
do you really love her?
or you just talk and go?
do you know how your mom feels when you say you love him?
you can say i love u to your GF everyday right?
maybe every week.
but with your mom?
once a year?
once a month?
or never??

please, bring your childhood back.
yesterday when you're only 6 year's old, everyday you say your love to your mom. it is sweet right?

i love you mom! my lil brother too!

sorry, i am just blabbering for nothing. no, for me. just for me. i know you're not bad as me. i know u're better than me. thanx guys. u're my idol. u're my Hero.
remember. loves your mom more than your GIRL/GIRLS. she deserved more.



LiLohOnEy said...

i love my mom more than i love my BF.

nice entry, i love reading love stories :)

Simpleblanklife said...

haha thanx gang!! :P
yup, i know you are cool daughter..
i love my mom too!!

supersaraa said...

hepi mother's day :') *tetibe!haha*

Simpleblanklife said...

haha hari - hari mother's day...!! :P

me as liana said...

i love your mum!erk,silap2.i love my mum too!
chill ya!

me as liana said...

i love you!
erk,sory2.tsilap.i love my mum la!!
chill ya1

*alala,to swit la anak ngn mak die ni.nice entry.aww.:D

hanisa sabrina said...

eh,lelaki yang menyayangi emaknya lebih dari aweks aweks adalah seorang suami yg baik.
haikal jiwang jiwang :)

Simpleblanklife said...

hahaha aku taw liana, kau syg mak kau! good!~
hahahaha :P

hanisa, ye saya mmg baik! kah3...guraw....ah, jiwang kadang2 xpe! :P ala, ko pun jiwang nisa oii!!! :D

diela said...


Simpleblanklife said...

good? thanx!!! hahahaha