Friday, February 4, 2011

Positive motivation and you

    During life, people are generally motivated in two different ways. One is through positive motivation, while the other is through negative inspirations. The later motivates people to do things because they feel like they have no other choice. They are afraid of the consequences of not acting. For instance, if a train is coming at you, a person moves. This is a good thing, because you are reacting and getting out of the way. Problems start occurring when the negativity is used to do something that is used against a person or people. This is detrimental in a work environment or regular situation because it can cause retaliation, poor self-esteem, poor morale, and turnover. Negative motivations won't create a positive environment for the long term.

    On the other hand, positive motivation creates an environment people want to be in. It has them do something for congratulations, reward, adherence to values, and feelings of acceptance. These are all feelings people crave. Most of the time, people are more willing to work for less money, work longer hours, work under harder conditions, because they feel happy and appreciated. It works completely opposite from its negative counterpart, as customers are retained and their morale is high. It also means when employees are happy, customers or clients are satisfied.

    There are rare times when negative motivation is necessary, such as a train coming at you or an alligator sighting. Most of the time it creates ill effects, while positive motivation will do the complete opposite. You give because you like the feeling. We smile because we enjoy life. This is why people should work on being positive during the day, as they block out negative feelings and emotions. It means avoiding stressful situations. Positive motivation and living with this attitude will change your life.

    " Prepare for the world of tomorrow. Let the damn side of yours go. Yes, change is the key. You're king of YOURSELF. Fuck the hell around you that always criticize the right thing. "

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