Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just blabbering

Hello'S there! Assalamualaikum.....

I've no idea about what to do and where to go today. it's just too boring to just stay in ma room. Yup, feels hungry too. i am a lil bit confuse in my feeling now. is it happy? or is it creepy? haha nevermind.
i am confusing on Moon. is it enough power to bright my night? or is it just take an  advantage from the SUN to lie to the earth while the couples make that hypocrite moon as symbolic for the LOVE maybe? i'm laugh myself.

sleepy and BOREDOM. what? nothing at all? thats me. i can't even take care my beloved friends heart. yup, im weak with woman. i can't even make their always comfort with me. i'm suck with love and woman. haha why? this is me. i'm sorry. i will change it as much as i can.

crawling some justice while setting some trap isn't good to you. just hold tight your pride and bring that smile is better. i am just happy as that okay. 

this is not great to read. just ignore them. i just want to write something. i'm sorry ok.

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