Thursday, January 27, 2011


i wan tu tel yu samting.
iven yu don wan tu hier, iven nobadi wan it too.
it is jaz mi en maiself.

wai yu nid tu lev samwan opposite of yor gender?
it is sam sort of feeling rait?
no wan ken tell de rizen is.
it is kammen naw to si 'the couples' woking togeder et shopping compleks.
yeah, it is kammen in awer aiys.
bad, du we riyelaiz det oll of dis situwesyen is a komplitli rong??

sins . dark and unnoticed
this is the truth of today.
we make the greatest sin small under our feet.
i am also in this situation.
what can i do?
just pray to have time to change myself.
i'm too far from heaven.
too far from the way of Islam.
lets bring our greatest empire of Islam together in our heart.
i hope i have the power to change myself.
i am too deep in the world of fake heaven

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