Friday, October 29, 2010

I am ME

This is the day I have decided to put away the pain
And realize that I have more in life to gain.
All the time somehow wasted away
I used to think I wouldn't make it through the day.
Now you aren't as perfect as I thought you to be,
Although I once thought you were perfect for me.

You're not the one thing that I desire.
The attitude you give off... puts out my fire.
You are not who I once used to know.
Where did you put her? Where did she go?
I thought to myself, this isn't how it's meant to be.
I thought I was for you and you were for me.
I no longer think you to be

The greatest thing that ever happened to me.
You may seem surprised I have moved on
But I finally realize you're long gone...
And the funny thing is I don't seem to care
Although you know we made a good pair.
The days have gone by- it would almost be a year.
But no longer can I call you "baby".

So I choose now to give it all up and set my heart free
Although I will always have memories of you and me...

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